The Collection
Indoor Lights
Noma Sets
Canterbury Bells
Classic Twinkling
Drummer Boy
Twenty Lanterns
Pifco Sets
Crystal Lights (20)
Fairy Coach Lights (12)
Globe Lights (40)
Jelly Bells (20)
Mini Bells (20)
Merry Lights (20)
Jewel Lights (20)
Mini Lights (20)
Fantasy (20)
Elfinlites (12)
Goldern Lanterns (20)
Lotus Lights
Moonlites (8)
Rainbowlites (20)
Santa Lights
Sparkle Lights
Tutti Fruitti
Victorian Lanterns
20 Candle Lights
20 Lantern Lights
20 Push-in Christmas Tree Lights (gem shades)
20 Push-in Christmas Tree Lights (petal shades)
Supervalue - 20 Shadeless Lights
Other/Unknown Brands
B&Q 120 Shadless lights
Icical Lights
Pom Pom Lights
Ajax Sputnik Lights
Decorative Midget Set
Christmas Lamps Set
Winfield: 20 Miniature Christmas Tree Lights
Winfield: Christmas Lanterns (20 push-in)
Vintage Lamps
Large Glass Fruit
Low Voltage Lights
Noma Sets
Carnival 100
Silent Night - 100 Miniture Low Voltage
30 Garland Lights
80 Multifuction Effect Set
Fantasy Lights
Electronically Controlled All-Purpose Lights
Outdoor Lights
Many low voltage sets can be used outdoors so you might like to look at the low voltage section.
Noma Sets
Winter Palace (20)
The Great Outdoor (40)