Watch out, the fashion police are about! If your neighbourhood has a Christmas light display that is tacky, way over the top or just lacks decency then send it in to this site.
House Blinger (UK)
The worst Christmas lights displays in the UK and US.
The Antique Christmas Lights Museum (US)
The development of Christmas lights from 1930 to 1950.
Don's Amazing Christmas Light Collection (US)
An interesting collection of Christmas lights, mostly old large base screw-in sets.
BBC News (UK)
The BBC reports Lambethís multi-cultural winter celebrity lights are causing a row. Apparently Christmas is offensive which conclusively proves both political correctness and the political system have gone mad. (UK)
For those that donít know the history behind the Annual Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square then here is a brief history. It is kind of the Norwegians to send a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone and demonstrates the true Christmas spirit.
BBC News (UK)
Another BBC News article highlighting the problems caused by 'going over the top'.