Welcome to the lighting workshop. This site is intended to share information about lamps and lighting and hopefully provide an insight into how it is used and what equipment is/was available. I have split the sight into several different departments as there are many different areas of lighting each with its own very specific purpose. It has take me longer than expected to get round to recompiling the old Lighting Workshop onto my new servers so please be very patient, more articles and pages will be added in the (distant?) future. I hope you find this site helpful and look forward to your comments and suggestions. By the way, if you would like to contribute to this site, please let me know.
Lamps & Lighting Your quick guide to lamps. Descriptions of various different types of lamp including pictures. To follow soon will be a guide to how they work and eventually tips and information on their best uses.
The All Year Christmas Lights Page - Actually More than one page but that was how it started. You can discover the history of Christmas Lights with examples and pictures. I am hoping to get the whole collection re-photographed and posted on the collection page. However this is very time consuming!
Stage Lighting Your not going to become a leading lighting designer by reading a web site but if you are looking for an insight into stage lighting you should have a look at these pages. A quick guide to the different equipment used and a few other resources.
Links Other sites that may be of interest or cover topics not covered here.
Lastly, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.