Stage, Theatre and TV
Strand Archive (UK)
Huge archive of information on Rank Strand, Strand Electric and Strand Lighting products. Covers dimming and control as well as a very comprehensive list of lanterns both ancient and modern.

Lamp Collections
Bulb Museum (UK)
An interesting collection of incandescent lamps, some of which are extremely unusual.
Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site (US)
A well written site documenting Kilokat’s bulb collection. The collection includes carbon filament, tungsten, figural, noble gas, fluorescent and mercury vapour lamps. The site is completed by a selection of pages on patents, books and other information.
Eary Incandescent Lamps (US)
Early Incandescent Lamps and Contributors to Light Source Development in the 20th Centry by Edward J. Covington
Lamptech (UK)
The Museum of Historic Discharge Lamps is probably the most comprehensive site on discharge lamps. Not only does the site document different types of discharge lamps but it also has a video page where you can see what happens when lamps strike (and die).

Lighting Sales
Lighting Partners (UK)
Used stage lighting sales.

Street Lighting
Eastbourne's Street Lighting (UK)
Eastbourne’s Street Lighting by Bob Cookson is a case study of how street lighting has evolved in a UK town. The site also includes preserved lanterns and a selection of vintage lamps that would have been used for street lighting.
Street Light Online (UK)
English Street Lighting by Mike Barford. Mike is interested in collecting street lighting equipment and seems to have quite a collection. He has also documented a significant number of ‘vintage’ fittings still in use in the UK.
Sugg Lighting (UK)
Sugg Lighting are manufacturers of lighting columns and lanterns. They are listed here because they have been going since 1837 and still manufacture gas lighting. However, these days they have extended their product range to cove the new electric light.

Osram GEC Photo Archive (UK)
Read about what was once the largest factory floor in the world and see rare archive images of what it was like in its heyday. The author, once an employee there, gives in interesting insight into working at the factory.
I’m not going to list all the manufacturers here but this one is worth a mention. BELL are one of the few independent British manufacturers still manufacturing lamps. They have been doing so for over 80 years so lets hope they keep doing so.
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